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Modern Slavery Statement
Global Metcorp Limited – Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Modern Slavery Act 2015

This statement is made by Global Metcorp Limited regarding its obligations under 554(1) Modern Slavery Act 2015 for the 2024 financial year and will be updated and published on its website annually. Global Metcorp Limited takes a zero-tolerance approach towards modern slavery and human trafficking. This statement sets out steps taken by Global Metcorp Limited to ensure and confirm that there is no evidence of modern slavery or human trafficking taking place within its business or supply chains.

About Global Metcorp Limited

Global Metcorp Limited's principal activity is that of a commodity trader in scrap ferrous metals sourced from around the world and sold in the majority to the Indian subcontinent.

Commitment and Policies

Global Metcorp Limited trades with different scrap yards all over the world and our modern slavery policy ensures no modern slavery or human trafficking is taking place in its business or scrap yards. Its dedicated team of local agents monitor and inspect different scrap yards and ensure there is no suspected modern slavery or human trafficking taking place within the scrap yards.

We have a procurement policy which reflects zero tolerance to modern slavery and human trafficking and to make clear that this is also the attitude we expect the different scrap yards and mills to adopt.

In addition, our Code of Conduct policy explains our ethical standards:

  • We expect our suppliers and partners' employees and their respective supply chains to operate to the highest standards of safety, quality, inclusion, integrity, sustainability, and ethical conduct.

  • When seeking new suppliers and partners, we select those whose values and commitment to ethical business conduct and a sustainable future match our own, and we use objective processes and due diligence to ensure this.

  • We are opposed to the use of any form of child labour or practices which inhibit the development of children and are opposed to any employment that is not freely chosen.

  • We commit to refrain from using any form of labour that could be described as 'modern slavery' and expect the same from all those we work with; and

Compliance and Breaches of the Policy

Employees are encouraged to report any concerns, including suspected modern slavery and human trafficking, using Global Metcorp Limited's anonymous whistleblowing procedure.


Global Metcorp Limited issues Code of Conduct training to employees. This comprehensive course presents and tests knowledge of the company’s anti-forced labour and human trafficking policy and practices.

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