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Global Metcorp is one of the leading international Trading houses in raw material products related to primary steel production. Part of the Greta Group based in Singapore, our various subsidiaries focus on Ferrous Scrap, Non-ferrous Scrap, Paper Scrap and Rubber Scrap. We also specialize in primary and secondary steel products.


Global Metcorp has traded in excess of 1.5Mn tonnes of ferrous scrap for the 5th consecutive year. We are committed to delivering consistent and dependable products to our customers throughout the world. We provide timely delivery and export services. We aim to strengthen long-term relationships with both our customers and suppliers by offering a range of quality products at competitive prices. With offices in UK, USA, UAE, India, Singapore and Hong Kong, we are geared to provide a high level of service consistently to our clients globally.


Our sister company Ardour World Limited is the leading trading house in Non Ferrous Metal Scrap products.

Find out more about our Tax Strategy and Modern Slavery Statement.

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